Friday, July 22, 2011


My nephew in-law claims my side of the family has violent tendencies.  I ask "have you ever seen me do or say anything remotely construed as violent?"  He just smiles and asks "how many people died in the opening chapter of Desert?"  Ok, good point; the answer is two dozen.  So basically, what he's saying is there are people still breathing today because I write instead of following thru on the urge to snuff out those stuck on redundant why questions.

Oh you know the people I'm talking about - and if you're not one, then you hate them too.  These are the people who persist in asking "why did he do that" or "why did he say that" in the monotone chant of kids in the backseat asking "are we there yet". 

I used to have a sign posted on my office door, WHY in bold black letters with a red circle around it and red diagonal thru it.  I had to take it down.  Everytime a certain friend dropped in, (at least once a day), she asked "why do you have a no-why allowed sign?"  If we were out together she'd asked people if they knew why I had the sign posted.  I took it down the day she asked "why can't I understand why you have a no-why allowed sign?"  Picture me beating my head on the keyboard saying a silent prayed of thanks for her not contributing to the gene pool.  I'm not being mean.  She's a darling person.  I've only killed her off in one book, so far.