Saturday, January 26, 2013

Journey to Beauty

There's a mountain called Sandia outside my window. The view from my balcony is spectacular. 

I am intrigued by this mountain. Any given moment it's appearance changes. While season, time (as in hour of day or night) and angle of light do play a major role in presenting Sandia, the simple truth is it's the composition of the mountain that makes it beautiful.

A geologist could provide details: approximately when Sandia formed; it's mineral composition and precisely what provides it's color and reflective properties. But why ruin the mystic?

Story has it Sandia got it's name from the gorgeously surprising shades of pink it turns at sunset. Watermelon, pink.  On a clear winter evening, with a light dusting of snow, the mountain looks like a mouth-watering confection. Other times it glows with a brilliance that reflects warmly across the valley.

Like that mountain, at any given moment, our attitude, personality and opinions is a matter of perspective.

While in North Carolina I was captivated by cloud lightning. Picture psychedelic kaleidoscopes contained within individual clouds, most often seen at night surrounded by a field of stars. Without boisterous thunder. Without fearful bolts rushing to ground. Just the beauty of nature's laser light show where power is displayed in silence.

Seems like any more it's all about being "up in your face". Loud and obnoxious. Finger-jabbing. Got the hand and the head going. Shrieking.  The adult version of hands over ears and singing "la-la-la-la"

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Normally the mountains are quiet. They tend hang out in one place. Every once in a while one has something to say. From time-to-time one or more decides to move. These sudden actions are sure to get everyone's attention. Mountains aren't to be taken for granted.

I am finding role models in nature where there are prime examples of human behavior. Destructive forces are loud. Flood waters. Tornadoes. Fires. They take. They don't give. It's all about them.

I want to be like Sandia reflecting the best of those around me. I need to be like cloud lightning confident to show inner beauty minus outbursts and drama. I have to be relentless like the Sahara moving persistently towards goals, erasing from my vicinity that which distracts from my identity.