Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Ponderings

My collection of people is fluid like a kaleidoscope constantly in motion as they go about living day to day.  A remark here, a gesture there or glimpse into their thought process fuels my creativity. 

It's how people respond to changes, good or bad, that captures my attention and has me waiting poised with fingers over the keyboard for the next installment or final outcome.  Presently there are two people I'd love to shake the living daylights out of, or hold them with one hand while repeatedly slapping them with the other. I want to get right in their face and scream "What is with you? Snap out of it already!"  Good thing for them there is an entire continent between us.  Yeah, it's a good thing for me too.  I refuse to go to jail for assault on an idiot.

The irony is I could write about them here.  I could tell their entire story, provided I don't divulge their full names and they would respond with "See, I'm not the only one going through this." 

Ok, I'll give them that.  I'm sure currently in the US alone there are a few tens of thousands people in the same situation.  Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic.  Everyday people lose their jobs, their homes or their marriages.  Often the loss is a combination of all three.  While this is a sad statistic it really has no bearing on why I want to slap two people.

Person #1 has gone out of her way to bring about catastrophic events.  When the water is rising most people pray it will stop raining.  Apparently she went shopping for dynamite to blow the dam.  I've never seen anyone so determined not to accept and act on sound advice.  In fact, the measures she has taken pretty much ensures her drowning. 

Person #2 is pissed off.  Reluctantly I will admit there initially was grounds for her anger.  And then I learned the rest of the story and went "huh?"  Now she wants her pound of flesh, or ton if she can get it.  The part she's failing to comprehend is how extracting revenge will affect her.  Like Person #1, she's running around shopping for dynamite.  Luckily to date she's only found cherry bombs.  I wish I had a way to prove to Person #2 how her mindset and actions are going to bite her in the butt big time and with long term consequences. 

Will I write about these two?  Maybe.  If I do, they will be very minor characters given a few lines in passing.  "I saw your neighbor's house listed under foreclosures.  What happened there?"  Reply, "Oh she got religion and decided God was going to supply her needs so she quit working." 

We all go through ups and downs. We all have times we need a shoulder to cry on, a different perspective or just someone to let us rant. Sometimes our inner house requires a good airing. Think of it as Spring cleaning. Open up the windows, pull everything out of closets and drawers. Out with the old, slap on a coat of fresh paint and you're ready for new experiences. 

It's when you turn your inner house into a hoarder's nest that you become flat one-note personalities and that acts as a repellant to good, positive things entering your life. 

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