Sunday, October 2, 2011

Holly's Top Ten

Last month one of the dog site's I follow asked where our dog would go if they could drive.  Naturally most people answered a pet store.  I asked Holly where she would go; she thought about it for a moment and asked "do I get a credit card too?"  She maybe be blond but she's no dummy.  Holly knows the truck takes gas and chews cost money.

Here's Holly's Top Ten:

10) any Human Bean or Dutch Bros. Coffee.  They give treats and sometimes top biscuits with whipped cream.  (also see #9)

9) any bake goods retailer that sells pumpkin or zucchini bread, preferably both.  oh, and blueberry too.

8) a pillow factory, warehouse or retailer.  every creature must have their comforts and my blond diva loves pillows.

7) West.  as in the direction.  out of humidity.  also the home of Human Bean, Dutch Bros. and PetCo

6) Best Western and La Quinta Hotels.  she delights in charming staff and other guests.  plus several have fixed her breakfast plates of bacon, sausage and ham.  need I say more?

5) The Hong Kong Restaurant, Grants Pass OR.  the staff never let me leave without a to-go bag for Holly.  Whenever we called in an order they always asked what Holly wanted. (BTW - she likes Szchewan and Hunan styles)

4) a good Tex-Mex restaurant, (sadly lacking in NC) she'll take anything hot and spicy on the menu.

3) tied for this slot are her uncles Terry and Jarod because they both grilled her plenty of steaks

2) Aunt Kat.  sender of care packages from Albertson's and PetCo

1) Albertson's grocery store.  seller of dry cured deli sliced bacon and Tillamook Cheese

Holly has yet to forgive me for moving to an area that's never heard of real cheese or non-chemically processed bacon.  The latter being surprising for all we hear about Southern cooking.  PetCo was not given it's own slot because she orders online and has a love affair going with the FedEx driver.

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