Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The FarmVille Police

When I first signed up for Facebook several friends convinced me to be their neighbor in FarmVille.  My impression of the game back then was 'a somewhat boring FarmTown knock off'.  After I acquired a few more FB friends and FV neighbors it got a little more interesting.

Around this time FV introduced "Co-ops".  It seemed like I couldn't get near the computer without someone wanting me to join their co-op.  I got IM's and direct messages: "Help me get my co-op badges and I'll help you get yours."  Right off the bat there were two major problems.  One, it seems more than a few people figured out if they joined a co-op and didn't plant/harvest they'd still collect the reward provided the goal was met.  Two, all those people I helped - I'm still waiting.  I don't have my badges, thank you.

Obviously it didn't take very long for me to begin ignoring 'join my co-op' pleas.  However, truth be told the biggest turn off came when the self-appointed FV police got involved.  You know who you are; I don't have to list names.

A small group of players separated into a splinter sect and began making threats.  "I found your name on such-and-such web site.  Remove your name and block the site or I will de-neighbor you on FV".

Seriously?  You've got time to search obscure web sites for FV neighbors names?  I think the clearest message is "you don't have a life".  Names got on these web sites via email, offers in other games or because a FB friend got hacked.  Thank you for telling me I'm on your list. 

Incredibly I got direct messages and emails regarding friends of mine, not necessarily FV neighbors whose names were found on a list.  Talk about gall - unbelievably I was informed if my friend's name wasn't removed from the site I would be blocked.   The FV police actually went through my personal FB friend's list!  At first it pissed me off.  Then I found it funny. 

My stock response was "calm down and walk away from the computer; it's just a game".  Good grief, it these people are getting all bent out of shape over a free game, can you imagine how they behave in a casino where there's real money on the line?

Heaven help the unsuspecting soul who posts a non-police sanctioned FV message or freebie.  Several times I toyed with the idea of sharing the post just to get the police in an uproar.  Alas, sanity got the better of me.  Those of you who know me personally or have been following my blogs know I have a blatant disregard for authority.  Perhaps because they are friends I've behaved, until now.

Months ago I bailed out of FV,  (see blog: Zynga and the afterlife).  Though I eagarly took the option to block all requests, postings and notices from FV, somehow I'm still getting those posted by the FV police.  Curious how theirs are getting through. 

Attention FV police: I grew tired of saying "it's just a game, chill out".  Several times I'd remarked on the irony of your bullying and whining as you have proven time and again to be the biggest offenders in the game.  (read that as meaning all Zynga games.)  It's nice to know you have the time and money to spend on something non-productive.  Imagine the impact you could make if you did volunteer work or visited with real living breathing neighbors.

This is an issue I can no longer ignore.  Quite frankly I'm tired of you.  Mostly I'm embarrassed you're still on my friend's list.


this is not a threat

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