Monday, September 26, 2011

Tommy vs Holly, part 2

(recap: Tommy is a large black cat; Holly is my dog, Boxer - Great Dane cross)

The yard is not fenced.  When Holly's keeping me company while I work or write she's on a forty foot long tether.  Holly figured out real quick that Tommy was not allowed outside and that he's darn good at slipping passed humans or working a door open. Should he make it out, she tattles on him whining and head butting me.  If I fail to immediately go fetch the cat or if he runs from me Holly takes matters into her own paws. 

At first Tommy was still leery enough of Holly that when faced with a bouncing Boxer he quickly retreated to the nearest door.  Then as he got braver and more determined to remain outside he foolishly got the notion he could outrun her.  Holly raced passed him, swung around and dropped her chest to the ground - and then barked in his face.  Nose to nose with the business end of a very big dog it's amazing that black cat didn't turn white.  The next few times Tommy escaped Holly planted herself in his path and woofed.  Then I either grabbed the cat or he beat feet back to the door.

But Tommy is persistent.  That Holly's won ribbons in Agility means nothing to him.  He's a cat.  He's positive he can outsmart her.  I warned him she's a Boxer; he just gave me that look. 

Tommy is persistent.  He made it outside and was proudly flaunting the fact strutting down the sidewalk.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Holly's head come up.  She'd been stretched out on the grass dozing.  Now she's watching the cat.  Tommy randomly paused his stroll to sniff at grass and shrubs.  His tail fully erect, the tip twitching in delight.  Another six feet and he'll be beyond the dog's reach; he cast a look over his shoulder as if to say, ha, you've lost this time. 

There was a flash of blond streaking across the lawn.  The twang of the tether rope as Holly hit the end and let the laws of physics reverse her motion to bring her to a stop directly in front of the cat facing him.  Hunkering down she woofed ordering Tommy to return to the house.  Tommy tried making a break for it but a paw reached out and flattened him to the ground.  Another woof; Holly let him up.  And then she proceeded to dribble Tommy like a soccer ball between her front paws all the way to the front door.  Added to the poor cat's indignity was me laughing - he hid from us the rest of the day.

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